Terms of Reference

The Implementation Group was established at the second United Seafood Industries Forum on the 13/14 of July 2016 in Melbourne. The Group has 11 members, including Veronica Papacosta of Sydney Fresh Seafood as Chair.

The main roles of the Implementation Group will be to develop governance arrangements for the new national peak body and to oversee an industry-wide communications campaign with the intent of collecting as many peak body membership pledges as possible.

Over the next six months, the Implementation Group will be responding to the terms of reference decided at the second USI Forum. The Implementation Group will then decide if the national peak body project will officially commence in 2017.

Terms of Reference for the Implementation Group:

The Implementation Group will be formed with one representative from each of the wild-catch, aquaculture and post-harvest sectors, as well as one from State Associations, and one from Resource Sector groups to oversight the transition process

  1. Oversee the governance matters associated with forming the legal entity and the selection of the foundational directors
  2. Oversee the formation of a communications group to be responsible for operationalising industry communication and engagement on the recommended peak body
  3. Regular updates on progress will be posted on the United Seafood Industries website
  4. The Implementation Group will complete its work with the formation of the peak body legal entity with appointment of the foundation directors
  5. Operational support and advice for the Implementation Group will be provided by Inovact Consulting, the project manager for the NSIA Peak Body project