Project Consultations in South Australia


After kicking off the project last month with meetings in Victoria (with the Commonwealth Fisheries Association and representatives from Seafood Industry Victoria) the United Seafood Industries project last week traveled to South Australia to meet with seafood businesses and industry representatives.

We met with Jonas Woolford, Franca Romeo and other members of Wildcatch Fisheries SA in Adelaide. It was a productive meeting and highlighted a number of needs of the industry and the value that a peak body may have to its members.

In Port Lincoln we met with ASBTIA’s Brian Jeffriess (CEO) and Claire Webber (SA Aquaculture) (photo above) who provided invaluable insights into the tuna industry in SA and developments in Australian aquaculture. We also met with Jill Coates the President of South Australian Oyster Growers Association and Michael Coates the Executive Officer of the Abalone Industry Association of SA — two important seafood sectors in SA.

Finally, we met with Dr. Craig Foster the CEO of Cleanseas Tuna. Craig has a wealth of industry knowledge and helped us understand some of the challenges the project will face and the best way forward.

As the project travels from state to state we will use what we hear from businesses to prepare a business plan with options and take it forward to the industry. The approach will be inclusive and concentrate on designing a peak body that seafood businesses want to invest in and be part of.

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