The post-harvest sector is the interface with consumers and includes seafood processors, wholesalers, exporters, importers, retailers and related businesses. Together, they compromise a major part of the Australian seafood industry.

The post-harvest sector links with aquaculture and wildcatch businesses to form the seafood value chain. These are the businesses that package, distribute and market seafood products to consumers in Australia and growing markets around the world. However, the prosperity of post-harvest businesses is not assured.

Rising regulatory costs and issues like market access impact directly on business prosperity. Further, rising regulatory costs and reducing resource access in the harvest sector has a flow-on effect through the value chain to post-harvest businesses.

It’s time to work together across the whole value chain and create an influential national peak body that can truly defend and promote the industry’s interests.

Success depends on your business or organisation connecting with us so that we understand what you will need and value the most from a national body.

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