Peak body project begins!

The National Seafood Industry Alliance (NSIA) has commissioned Canberra firm Inovact Consulting to conduct a three year project to develop options and establish a new national seafood industry peak body.

Funding for the project has been granted by the federal government and follows a coalition policy commitment made to the seafood industry at the last federal election.

The commercial seafood industry suffers from the lack of an adequately-resourced representative peak body and the NSIA commends the Australian Government for its vision in supporting this important industry.

The ‘United Seafood Industries’ project is already up and running with a dedicated website being launched in August and consultations planned for each state to connect with seafood businesses, individuals and industry associations.

The project is led by Brian Ramsay, who previously established and was CEO of Australian Pork Ltd, a $20m industry services company that provides integrated marketing, R&D and policy advocacy services.

Brian is Managing Director of Inovact Consulting and has advised many industries across agriculture on the formation, restructuring, merging, funding and performance of industry service bodies.

“The project provides a unique opportunity for seafood businesses to create a strong peak body that is tailored to meet their needs and has the capacity to engage the government and the community with influence and authority,” Brian said.

In the first few months Brian will be listening to businesses across all parts of the seafood industry to understand what they would most value from a national peak body.

“We will use what we hear from businesses to prepare a business plan with options and take it to industry. The approach will be inclusive and concentrate on designing a peak body that seafood businesses want to invest in and be part of,” Brian said.

Brian will be attending and speaking about the project at the Seafood Directions 2015 national conference in Perth, 25th-27th October.

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