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Over the last few weeks Brian has been meeting with seafood industry representatives and business leaders around the country to introduce the United Seafood Industry project. We are listening to a cross-section of the industry to better understand the needs of the whole industry and the value that a peak body may have to its members.

As the project travels from state to state we will use what we hear from businesses to prepare a business plan with options and take it forward to the industry. The approach will be inclusive and concentrate on designing a peak body that seafood businesses want to invest in and be part of.

Australia’s seafood industry is spread far and wide and we want to reach out with this website and provide opportunities for you to share your views and ideas.

We have created a short document that covers the areas we are particularly interested in hearing your thoughts on. Download the PDF below and send your responses to some or all of the questions to

Industry consultations, key discussion points.

Be sure you sign up below and connect with us to be part of leading and creating a better future for Australian seafood businesses.

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