Australia’s wildcatch seafood sector is significant. It generates revenue of about $1.4 billion, with exports making up $750 million. Over 4,500 businesses are part of the wildcatch sector, providing vital employment and economic activity across many regional communities.

The wildcatch sector has a bright future ahead. There is strong consumer demand for its products in Australia and overseas. Overseas demand is rising as economic growth and incomes rise in the region.

Importantly, the industry operates sustainably within world class management systems. It means the industry has a sustainable foundation and can position its products to meet demand for premium quality. However, the future of the wildcatch sector is not assured.

While there is a positive and compelling story for the sector, the views and priorities of wildcatch businesses are being crowded out by the priorities of competing interests.

It means that wildcatch businesses are experiencing declining access to the resource base, rising regulatory costs and there is low community awareness of the industry’s world class performance, value and sustainability.

It’s time to work together and create an influential national peak body that can truly defend and promote the industry’s interests.

Success depends on your business or organisation connecting with us so that we understand what you will need and value the most from a national body.

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