Veronica Papacosta: Summary of the Second Implementation Group Meeting

Summary of the Second Meeting (1 September 2016) of the Seafood Industry Australia Implementation Group

Written by Chair of the USI Implementation Group, Veronica Papacosta


Veronica PapacostaThe Seafood Industry Australia Implementation Group met via teleconference to further develop its communications and engagement strategy and to discuss the progress made by each member on engaging industry and facilitating pledges of commitment.

The Implementation Group members have been working hard to secure commitments from seafood industry stakeholders and were buoyed by the fantastic results thus far. The project has seen 22 pledges with a total of $205,000 committed to date. The group discussed how to sustain the effort of finding respective associations and businesses to add to the list, with innovative ideas of lead generation and mapping pointed out. The Group has committed to maintain the current marketing strategy, with members and their networks providing great feedback on Seafood Industry Australiavideo and posters.

I gave the Implementation Group an update on my industry consultations to date, with recent meetings in Canberra with the FRDC and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. I also had a very beneficial discussion with Senator Anne Ruston (Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources) who reaffirmed the Government’s commitment and willingness to get the peak body up and running.

Each member of the Group gave an update on their own consultation and engagement to the wider industry. The group then discussed the importance of having both the seafood industry businesses and associations joining the body, as their leadership and resources would contribute immense value to the organisation and make the body widely representative of the industry.

The meeting finished with a discussion of how to approach my upcoming consultations, which includes travel to Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory. Group members agreed to assist with facilitating meetings with seafood businesses and associations in this period.

I look forward to keeping you updated on the Implementation Group’s progress. If you are interested in pledging commitment to Seafood Industry Australia, you can do so via the following link

Thank you for taking the time to find out more.


Veronica Papacosta

Chair- Implementation Group

Director- Sydney Fresh Seafood Group

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