Veronica Papacosta: A Message from the Implementation Group Chair

Veronica PapacostaThank you for taking the time to find out more about the National Seafood Industry Peak Body project.

I am a third generation seafood retailer and currently own and operate 6 retail stores across NSW.  My grandfather, Costas Costi, opened his first business in the 50’s in NSW, and since then our family have been dedicated to the sustainability and prosperity of the Australian seafood industry.

As a proud member of the Australian seafood industry, I am passionate and optimistic about the success of this critically important project.  We need a national seafood peak body and we need it now – to fill the gap and unite us; to use our combined strength to ensure a prosperous industry for this generation and the next.

In the absence of a national seafood peak body, I feel the opportunity cost to my business and to the industry.  I feel the criticisms we don’t answer, I feel the opportunities we don’t take.  I look across to other industries, acknowledge their successes and know that it is not because their industry is better or worthier than ours.

The design of “Seafood Industry Australia” was created by the United Seafood Industries Task Force and I was happy to be a part of the process. The Task Force designed a body that can be fresh, effective and provide real value.

Direct membership of seafood businesses is the key.  We need a broad and diverse membership to keep the issues relevant.  It doesn’t just need investment in dollars, it also needs commitment to make a difference.  The peak body won’t create any extra work for you, in fact, it should make all our lives easier.

The Implementation Group and I are charged with rounding up support and making this peak body a reality.  With this project, as in my business and yours, we don’t stop when we’re tired- we stop when we’re done.

Let’s get our ship together.  Let’s make our industry and our future better.

Get on board!


Veronica Papacosta

Chair – Implementation Group &

Director – Sydney Fresh Seafood Group

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