Two Crucial Points When Creating a Successful Peak Body.

Welcome to the United Seafood Industries project. My name is Brian Ramsay from Inovact Consulting and I am the project manager for this new and exciting project.

Over the coming weeks and months we will work together to design and set up an influential peak body for the Australian seafood industry.

Having set up, wound up, merged, measured and monitored numerous industry services bodies in agriculture, I’ve developed practical insights about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to peak bodies.

Let me share with you why a peak is relevant to your industry and then two points you may not know about that are crucial when creating a successful peak body.

My first impressions are that the seafood industry in Australia is a highly regulated industry – not just at the harvest stage, but through the value chain.

An individual firm can rarely influence government decisions on its own. Hope is not a strategy here. Businesses can choose to hope for the best and react when adverse decisions are made or they can opt to get organised, set an industry agenda and influence decisions.

As you know, the future of a modern seafood business is not assured just because your business is sustainable and well managed. External factors and decisions – whether they are well informed or ill-informed can have a major impact. It means that those in highly regulated industry need a professional relationship with government….at an industry level.

An effective peak body can help position industry businesses to thrive – and this is the opportunity with the united seafood industries project.

Getting started is the hard part and there a couple of things you may not know that pose early challenges.

Defining value is more important than costs.
Firstly, it is not costs and money, but defining value that is the biggest hurdle. A common reason I hear from businesses in many industries to not join a peak body is the cost. They argue that they simply can’t afford it. But all my experience is that costs are not the real problem.

The real issue is that they have serious doubts about the value they will receive. So they see membership as a cost and not an investment. Defining the service value a peak body will provide for seafood businesses is hard work, but that is where we must start.

Leadership and innovation is crucial.
Secondly, leadership and innovation is crucial from the get go – the details come later. This is the most important point. What this project is really about is innovation – with the seafood industry institutions. It is about creating a new representative model that is tailored to the needs of the seafood industry. In many ways, it is like a start-up venture. The first year is more about leadership and innovation than it is about management and mapping out all the details. Any start-up is risky, but if the project is successful the payoff could create significant benefits for seafood business. And these benefits will accrue over time. The key implication is that success will be shaped by seafood industry leaders and innovators.

So if you would like to be part of innovating and creating value for seafood businesses, I invite you to sign up now help us create that better future.

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