Terms of Reference (TF)

The Seafood Leadership Task force was established at the United Seafood Industries Forum on the 30/31 of March 2016 in Adelaide. The Task Force consists of nine members, including Martin Exel of Austral Fisheries as Chair. The main role of the Task Force will be to define options and recommend the best structure and funding model for the new national peak body, with support from the Project Manager. Over the next three months, the Task Force will be responding to the terms of reference decided upon by attendees at the United Seafood Industries Forum.

Terms of Reference for the Seafood Leadership Task Force:

  1. Define options for what an industry body may be (including structures and funding models) to serve as a basis for industry consultation.
  2. Provide guidance to the peak body project manager on the design and implementation of communications and industry consultation to maximise feedback and input on the options.
  3. Recommend the best structure and funding model to enable effective delivery of services, consistent with the strategic priorities of the industry:
      a. Including the timeframe for implementation
  4. Regular updates on progress will be posted on the United Seafood Industries website.
  5. The Taskforce would complete its work within three months of the first meeting.