Industry Bodies


The Australian seafood industry is a valuable industry with significant opportunities for sustainable growth. However, the industry’s future prosperity is not assured. Defending and promoting the interests of the seafood industry across all parts of the value chain is vital to secure a prosperous future for seafood businesses.

It is here that industry bodies can add value beyond what individual businesses can achieve alone.

A complication for industry bodies is that the Australian seafood industry is very diverse geographically, by product/species, by business size, by market and by value chain. It means that there are many industry bodies involved in representing different groups of seafood businesses. Limited industry resources become spread thinly and mixed messages can be sent to government and the community.

Keeping your members informed.

Seafood industry bodies are a trusted and valuable link with many seafood businesses. We want to connect with and not duplicate existing industry communications. By signing up to our email list, we can share information that you can use to help keep your members informed about the project and how they can be involved. Also, by connecting with us you can help keep us informed about upcoming member events and communications activities (such as newsletters) where we can provide content about what the project is doing and finding.

The views and priorities of the seafood industry in Australia are being crowded out by the priorities of competing interests.

Seafood businesses are experiencing declining access to the resource base, rising regulatory costs and there is low community awareness of the industry’s world class sustainability practices and environmental credentials.

What is lacking is an influential national peak body.

It’s time to work together and create an influential national peak body that can truly defend and promote industry interests.

The success of this project depends on your business or organisation connecting with us so that we understand what you will need and value the most from a national peak body.

Connect now to be part of leading and creating a better future for Australian seafood businesses.