COMMUNIQUE: Inaugural directors selected for Seafood Industry Australia

20 March 2017


                                                     Inaugural directors selected for Seafood Industry Australia

The National Seafood Industry Alliance (NSIA) Chair Johnathon Davey announced today the people who have been selected to form the inaugural board of the new peak body Seafood Industry Australia (SIA).

The selection of the ‘pro tem’ directors is a critical step in the United Seafood Industries project to form a new peak body to represent the interests of seafood businesses across Australia. It follows the release of a ‘Prospectus’ document in 2016 and widespread industry support including letters of intent valued at $644,460 from close to 100 organisations and individuals.

‘I’m very excited to announce that a talented group of people with a diversity of skills and experience have been selected to lead the next phase of the work to form SIA,’ Johnathon said.

The group has seafood industry knowledge and networks across wildcatch, aquaculture and post-harvest sectors, commercial experience in domestic and international markets and are committed to creating a new national body that seafood businesses want to be part of. They include:

  1. Marshall Betzel
  2. Chauncey Hammond
  3. Dennis Holder
  4. Veronica Papacosta
  5. Mark Ryan
  6. Marcus Stehr
  7. Belinda Wilson

The next step is for the group to meet, select a chair and then develop the constitution in line with the prospectus and establish the new legal entity.

‘On behalf of the board of NSIA, I would like to thank the selection committee, which included Katherine Winchester (CEO, Northern Territory Seafood Council) and Barbara Konstas (CEO, Melbourne Seafood Centre) and was chaired by Brian Ramsay (Managing Director, Inovact Consulting).’

Many people were very well-qualified and suitable for selection, however the Selection Committee was limited to between five and seven people, as spelt out in the prospectus.

There was an exceptional field of accomplished candidates and deciding on a mix of people to form a balanced board was very challenging. The selection process was structured and involved a skills matrix as the basis for selecting a strategic board (not representative), as was the intent stated in the prospectus.


Media Enquiries:  Johnathon Davey 0407 032 023      Project enquiries:   Brian Ramsay 0400 440 730


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