About the United Seafood Industries Project

Industry leaders from across the country have come together in this project to develop a strong and effective National representative body. Importantly, the National Seafood Industry Alliance has secured government funding for this project to develop and establish a strong national peak body that is valued by members and effective in representing the industry interests.

The new body will be the voice of the industry at the National level and promote a viable and sustainable seafood industry with representation from the wild-catch, aquaculture and post-harvest sectors. In developing the representative body there will be industry wide input, consultation and communication along the way.

The project is committed to being “bottom-up” in its approach. We will first seek to understand the needs of the industry and the value that a peak body may have to its members. In doing this the project seeks to be inclusive of diverse voices across the Australian seafood industry.

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About the Project Manager

The National Seafood Industry Alliance appointed Inovact Consulting as project manager for the United Seafood Industries Project.

Inovact Consulting is a Canberra firm that helps industry service bodies to adapt and be more effective and valued by member businesses.

Brian Ramsay is Managing Director of Inovact Consulting.

Previously, Brian established and was Chief Executive of Australian Pork Ltd, a unique and innovative $20m integrated industry service company.

Brian’s professional experience is distinct in having worked as an industry CEO with responsibility for major structural change.

Today, as the founding director of Inovact Consulting he advises business and industry leaders on how to design and implement new strategies, structures and services that create value for businesses.

Brian has a Bachelor of Science degree in marine biology and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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