About the Peak Body Project

Why is this being done?

The Australian seafood industry lacks representation at the National level and faces increasing market competition, constraints imposed by government and misinformation by opposing interest groups.

Who is funding this?

This project is funded by the Australian government and is provided as part of the Coalition’s policy for a more competitive and sustainable fisheries sector.

Is this about NSIA becoming the peak industry body?

The NSIA secured the funding for the project and have contracted an independent expert to undertake the project. This means NSIA are not involved with the planning, consultations, strategy or final outcomes.

Who is doing it?

The project is being undertaken by Inovact Consulting an independent organisation with expertise in enacting complex change processes for national peak bodies.

What is the process?

To ensure the success of the project and the viability of a future representative body the project will be implemented over a three year period. The first year will involve extensive industry consultation and the development of a business plan to present to the industry.


How can I get involved?

By far the most important aspect of the project is too understand the needs of the industry and the value that a peak body may have to its members.

We want to hear from YOU so make sure you sign up to get be involved today!

You can also follow us on Twitter where we will have regular project updates from our consultations around the country.


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